Microsoft Aims to Dethrone Sony in 2020 With its Xbox Series X

2020 will be a big gaming year, but the real battle won’t come until the holidays. That’s when Microsoft is expected to release its Xbox Series X, pitting it against Sony’s release of the PS5. The new Xbox is a variation from previous ones, with a blockier, upright, PC-like tower. The new model’s early specs hint that it’s going to be an unprecedented gaming console powerhouse. What’s even more interesting is that Microsoft said the Series X isn’t the only next-gen hardware it will be releasing. This rollout signals that Microsoft is banking solely on the Series X (scrapping its lambasted TV project) to usurp Sony’s PlayStation, which has had a stranglehold on the console market for seven years.
  • SOURCE: Microsoft
  • Flashback to 2005:
    A classmate bought an Xbox 360 for $100 on eBay the day it was released. A few days later a photo of an Xbox 360 came to his house. He literally spent $100 on a picture. Ouch!

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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