Music Warms the iHeart… Radio

Since the 18th century, people have been using Valentine’s Day as an occasion to demonstrate their romantic love by presenting flowers, sweets and handwritten cards. But there’s nothing that brings people together quite like music and that sentiment also applies to the Valentine’s Day season.

Much like our other senses, music can remind us of past events and take us back to moments when we first heard a song, album or artist. That’s the idea behind iHeartRadio’s Valen-Time Machine, targeting those who are in love and those who celebrate love on February 14th. The streaming radio service recently launched the effort just in time for Valentine’s Day and comes in the form of a website that allows lovers to select their anniversary year and find a curated playlist of popular songs that will likely bring back fond memories.

This is a genius idea that fits perfectly with the iHeartRadio brand and drives people to use the service and upgrade their listening experience.

  • SOURCE: iHeartRadio
  • BRANDS: iHeartRadio
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because music reminds you of why you fell in love