NERDS’ Epic D&D Quest

Thrills! Heroics! Adventure! You can have all of this, as long as you have a few NERDS. The iconic candy company has joined forces with the best known fantasy brand in the world, Dungeons and Dragons. Together, they have created a campaign centered around the NERDS mascots and their quest to save the city of Harmony. Any fan of the candy or the game can play this campaign by purchasing a limited edition D&D box of NERDS.

This partnership is a fascinating demonstration of gamification, where the brand has created a method of engagement that can be received digitally but played manually. Now all that remains is to download the campaign and call dibs on the rogue character.

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  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRAND: NERDS, Dungeons & Dragons

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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