Netflix Offers Sex Education

Sex education is extremely important for young people as they go through puberty and start experimenting with their sexuality. But talking to parents about sexuality can be awkward and talking to any other adult is just as awkward or deemed “inappropriate.” And if you think about getting advice from your friends, forget it.They probably won’t give you accurate advice because they’re likely in the same boat. Today we are constantly bombarded with information, making it difficult to get the facts. So how can people get positive and factual sex education? Try Netflix.

Netflix’s original series Sex Education is the perfect blend of actual sex education, hence the name, and a raunchy british teenage dramedy. The show focuses on Otis Milbourn (Asa Butterfield) who is inexperienced, despite his mother (Gillian Anderson) managing her own sex and relational therapy practice out of their home.

The show’s creator, Laurie Nunn explains, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your forties or sixteen. If you fall in love you’re still gonna act like a teenager.” Sex Education gives you a sense of acceptance, because you’ve most likely gone through, or will go through similar situations.

The series does a great job of breaking down boundaries and exposing what’s underneath the facade that most teens hide behind. Every character is diverse and the show does a great job of making sure you get to know all of them beyond the surface. In many ways, it feels like an homage to The Breakfast Club and every other coming of age film. And just like those movies, people can watch the series and see themselves in any one of the characters. Even if you personally don’t need sex advice, this is a series that can easily take up half your day, because once you start you’ll have to finish.

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