Health Care Nonprofit Rocks Green Bay with Community Event

Green Bay, Wisconsin is known for football. It’s Titletown, USA. Its NFL team, The Green Bay Packers is the most storied franchise in league history. However, the Packers are in a funk. So what does Green Bay have now? Rock the Dock courtesy of a local nonprofit.

Compassionate Home Health Care is a nonprofit that helps struggling people purchase basic hygiene and cleaning supplies. Every year they have a Holiday Giving campaign, which rests on donations. This year, however, they had a different idea for funding.

This July, they put on a festival called Rock the Dock. It had three stages of music with plenty of food, drinks and shopping. Throw in a fantastic view of the bay and what did the organization get? A success! “It [was] fantastic,” said Dawn Paridiso-Hansen, President and CEO of Compassionate Home Health Care. “When I started planning this I… could close my eyes and… this is exactly what I saw.”

13 bands participated in the event and attendees donated sanitary supplies at the festival. Plus, all food and drink purchases supported the campaign—all about helping those in need. “The people who have to decide between toilet paper and food is a huge problem,” said Paridiso-Hansen. This event was a step in fixing that.

“If you bring in all the community to help the nonprofit become stronger, [it] will be able to support the community,” said organizer Pita Kotobalavu. “We want Green Bay to have something that they can call their own, and this will be it.”

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