Electronics Retailer Elkjøp Goes Cinematic with 2018 Christmas Ad

Most holiday ads follow a tried-and-true formula. Think home-for-the-holidays plotlines and rosy close ups. But it doesn’t hurt to dream a little bigger. In a “wow” move, Nordic retail giant Elkjøp, with agency Nord DDB, did just that with its holiday ad “To Give More”, showing that an amazing life story can be just as heartwarming.

Throwing out normal runtime and clocking in at an epic four minutes, this short film tells the story of a young girl who visits an older relative during the holiday. The old man is distant and emotionally empty. However, upon flying her Elkjøp drone to a barn and finding a broken plane inside, the girl learns of the man’s life and how his love for aviation led to his journeys in war, joy, pain, and, ultimately, loss. It’s a story about more than giving. It’s about life—imperfect and with regret—but still capable of finding happiness.

“It came naturally to tell a story about how a product from Elkjøp could create a greater bond between two people around Christmas [and] despite … a happily ever after ending, it’s not simply a happy story,” said Nord DDB copywriter Hanna Stenwall. “It’s filled with beautiful moments and ugly experiences.”

Instead of caving to the standard holiday approach, Elkjøp went cinematic and “To Give More” is garnering praise from various publications (Ad Week, Ad Age, B&T Magazine). New Year’s ad resolution: Eject from the old plane and fly the new?

  • SOURCE: NORDDDB YouTube Channel
  • BRANDS: Elkjøp

    This ain’t no ad; It’s a film. Get the popcorn ready!

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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