Orbitz Travels with Pride

Every June thousands of people flock to cities around the world to participate in Pride. Pride is the LGBTQ+ community’s way of celebrating their sexuality and standing up for equality through festivals, parades, and lots of rainbows (YAS Queen)! 2019 has been Pride’s biggest year yet—with an estimated 4 million people going to New York City for WorldPride. Recognizing how many people travel for these events, Orbitz became the first travel site to dedicate a whole page to the LGBTQ+ community.

The travel company conducted a survey in March 2019 to attain information on Pride travels. The results revealed: 74% of Pride travelers say knowing a place is LGBTQ+ friendly impacts whether or not they go there;  47% will travel between five and 50 miles for Pride; and 79% say they are attending Pride with a group.

Orbitz then launched a mini-site packed with travel information a few months before Pride began. The site features some of the top destinations to celebrate from their survey including: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Every city’s tab has a list of LGBTQ+ friendly hotels, best place to view the parade, how to get to the parade, other events taking place, and articles like “10 things you probably didn’t know about LGBTQ Chicago”.

There’s also a short video on the page prompting people to “Travel With Pride.” In the video, Orbitz rewards volunteers from the LGBTQ+ community in Anchorage, Alaska, with a trip to Miami Pride. The volunteers explain how traveling for Pride impacted them in the best way. One of them explains, “No matter where you go whether it’s Anchorage, Alaska, or Miami, Florida, love is love.”

Orbitz is serving marketing realness to the LGBTQ+ community with this site. Through their support and allyship, the company is sure to attract LGBTQ+ customers and help spread the love all over the world.

  • SOURCE: Orbitz Website
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AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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