Pantone’s Purple is the New Green

Did you know that Pantone (Color Institute) releases a new color each year? The “Color of the Year” for 2018 is Ultra Violet and it is going to be dramatically provocative, pointing us to a future of originality and full of ingenuity.

This may or may not be the purple you envisioned for our future, but that’s okay. And although it replaces one of the greatest greens found on Earth, we embrace it with open arms.

What do you think of The Pantone Color of the Year? Will Ultra Violet become the trend that Pantone predicts for 2018? Is this symbol of experimentation and non-conformity a self fulfilling prophecy?

  • SOURCE: Pantone
  • BRAND: Pantone
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because 18-3838 Ultra Violet is better than the movie Ultraviolet, featuring Milla Jovovich

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