Pepsi Apple Pie Flavor is Baked into its Seasonal Soda Promo

Do you have a craving for homemade apple pie? Consumer food brands like Pepsi know which flavors connect us to the holidays, so it’s only natural that they’d entice us with something like a mouth watering, freshly baked Apple Pie. In its holiday ad spot, Pepsi mimics a baking tutorial, that eventually goes very wrong. The solution, of course, is entering the Pepsi sweepstakes where people can win a 2 liter bottle of their limited edition Apple Pie flavored soda. There are only 1,500 winners in the #PepsiApplePieChallenge that asks fans to post a photo of a baking fail for a chance to win the flavor that’s not sold in stores.

This promo looks to be a part of a bigger effort for the Pepsi brand. In combination with the aroma of an apple pie in the oven, it’s also changing its 2 liter bottle design to include a slimmer profile and grip area. Pepsi says this is supposed to make it easier for a wide range of human hand sizes to hold and pour the soda.

  • SOURCE: Pepsi
  • BRAND: Pepsi
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s the easiest pie you’ll never have to bake!