Philadelphia Cream Cheese Blurs the Very Distinct Lines Between Technology and Food

The video game gift guide this year can easily go to either the XBox Series X or the Playstation 5 (sorry Nintendo Switch). Both of these systems have dominated gaming news. That didn’t escape Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The brand’s ad spot has piggybacked, almost to a fault, on the success of these very in-demand products. The campaign acts as a kind of parody, describing and comparing cheese cake characteristics to the aforementioned video game console tech specs. According to the website, it has “five bricks of power, ultra HD white chocolate, and 3D cookie crumb technology.” The lines are so blurry that the brand felt the need to clarify that The Philly Series 5 is not a video game console and is not associated with any video game console or their creators.


  • SOURCE: Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • BRAND: Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: This five dollar product is easier to swallow than one that costs five hundred dollars, literally.