POM Wonderful’s Dolphin Impaled Ad

POM Wonderful has delivered an ad that is worthy of some BUZZ and attention. In it, POM tells the story of a man named Jeff who was impaled by a dolphin and, not only survived, but is also healthier because of it.

Of course, drinking POM Wonderful has helped Jeff and his lifestyle is better than ever. Some people ask Jeff if he feels lucky that he was impaled by a dolphin and nearly died, because it taught him to live healthier. What does Jeff say when asked that question? “No. What kind of stupid question is that?”

We couldn’t help but watch this spot multiple times. And the best part? While you’re watching this bizarre visual of a man impaled by a dolphin, POM Wonderful filled the ad to the brim with nutritional facts and statistics that promote the product, almost without us noticing. That’s smart marketing!

  • SOURCE: POM Wonderful’s YouTube Channel
  • BRANDS: POM Wonderful
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: There’s a completely healthy man walking around, with a completely healthy dolphin sticking out of his body. Isn’t that enough?!

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