Roku is the Brand to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock and CBS All Access are all engaged in what many are calling the “streaming wars.” As those companies jockey for victory over one-another, Roku‘s affordable streaming media player and TV stands to benefit. It had a spectacular 2019, becoming the best tech stock with huge gains and over 32 million subscribers who spent an estimated 3.5 hours a day on the platform. Those kind of numbers make media giants giddy, enticing them to advertise on Roku. Stock analysts predict it will to continue its growth through the New Year. That’s why the arrival of new streaming services and the ongoing streaming wars made Roku our brand to watch in 2020 and beyond!

  • SOURCE: Roku
  • BRAND: Roku
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Who doesn’t love a good fight… even those between streaming services. 

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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