Samsung Sweeps Up With Star Wars

This week saw the release of a new Star Wars movie trailer and poster as well as some marketing that uses the force in a very different way. And by different way we mean to powerfully suck dirt out of your carpets and off of your floors.

That’s right, Samsung has launched limited edition Star Wars versions of its POWERbot robot vacuum. There is a Darth Vader version and a Storm Trooper version. Along with looking cool and cleaning your pad while you sit back and watch The Empire Strikes Back for the millionth time, they emit sound effects like Darth Vader breathing and lightsabers lightsabering.

The products even received some fan input. Samsung says in an associated news release: “In order to create a special edition product authentic and true in the eyes of Star Wars fans, Samsung worked very closely with super fans at every step, from product planning to design, production, marketing, and distribution. It was a first-of-its-kind approach to building and launching a product designed by the fans and built for the fans.”

Still the question remains, will the Darth Vader POWERbot choke you out if you question its cleaning ability?

  • SOURCE: Samsung Newsroom
  • BRAND: Samsung / Star Wars

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