SC Johnson Brand Believes in the World

Coming off of Earth Day, it makes logical sense that SC Johnson would release a series of videos that promote its belief in making the world a better place, even if it doesn’t make financial sense for the business.

Featuring Fisk Johnson, the title spot “A Family Company At Work For A Better World” aims at reinforcing the idea that SC Johnson believes in being a good steward of our planet so that we can pass on its beauty to our children and future generations.

As a branded effort from a global conglomerate like SC Johnson, it is critical that this type of communication feel genuine and sincere*. Developed by agency Ogilvy, SC Johnson successfully delivers a message of caring about more than their bottom line‒something that many consumers want to see from brands. Along with the video series, the company also officially modified their brand tagline from “A Family Company” to “A Family Company at Work for a Better World” to reflect their Earth-centric efforts.

* To be clear‒we’re not insinuating that genuine and sincere should be isolated to global conglomerates. All businesses (and people for that matter) should strive for this.

  • SOURCE: SC Johnson’s YouTube Channel
  • BRAND: SC Johnson
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You love our planet and you appreciate companies who love it too.

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