Seagram’s 7 Advertises to Dive Bar Audience

Seagram’s 7 Crown is a blended whiskey that had a royal following in the seventies and early eighties. It set multiple records in the world of spirits that tells the tale of this once iconic brand. According to the back label of its commemorative bottle from the 300 million case celebration in 1983, Seagram’s 7 Crown was the 1st brand ever to reach 1 million cases and the 1st to sell 100 million cases.

But the adult beverage has longed for the days when it was selling 9 million cases per year. That’s why Diageo, which acquired the brand in 2000, is devoting resources to the brand and some rather inventive marketing initiatives.

The first of these new marketing efforts include the “Save the Dive Bar” campaign that they launched in July, focused on the audience that the affordable Seagram’s 7 Crown is tailored to reach. Along with a package redesign, the hope for the campaign is to reestablish the whiskey as a go-to when casual drinkers are ordering from their favorite local “dive bar.”

The brand is now launching its “This is your whiskey” campaign, which further establishes the liquor as an approachable alternative to pricier and more pretentious brands.

The question is — will these new efforts bring back the glory days for Seagram’s and re-crown it as the record-setting king of bar sales.

  • SOURCE: MediaPost
  • BRANDS: Seagrams 7
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you like dive bars?

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