Shudder Streams Scares & Screams for Halloween

AMC is known for horror hits The Walking Dead and The Terror. To scare its audience more, they have a terrifying streaming service called Shudder. For $5.99/month (or $56.99/yr), horror connoisseurs can enjoy bone-chillers like Carrie or It Follows. Shudder boasts the largest selection of spine-chilling films and TV. All you have to do is connect a Shudder account to a streaming device like Roku or Xbox One (you can even switch devices mid-viewing, talk about “jump scares”) and start watching through your fingers. The service offers a 24-hour, 13-movie marathon and Friday night double features—both hosted by cult horror personality Joe Bob Briggs (Three Bs). Get Shudder and gear up for spooky viewing!

  • SOURCE: Shudder
  • BRAND: Shudder
  • MARKETING PLEA: AMC, bring back Monsterfest!

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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