Silently Rebranding American Express

American Express has gone through the rebranding process. The seemingly simple update is much more complex than one might think, given that the multibillion-dollar holding company whose subsidiaries provide travel and financial services worldwide has been around since 1850.

Pentagram, the agency responsible for the MasterCard rebranding in 2016, has delivered another fantastic update that doesn’t forget the roots of the original brand.

In fact, many people might not even notice the logo updates. The subtle tweaks to the mark are meant to give it more flexibility in today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital space and make it more readable at smaller (think mobile) sizes.

You can also check out their newest advertising campaign below, aimed at showing “how American Express has customers’ backs in life and business“.

  • BRAND: American Express
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you love credit cards and you don’t leave home without them.

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