Sneakers that Make You Run Fast to Fast Food

It seems like sneakers are what every brand wants to dip their toes into nowadays. Pizza Hut and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream were a couple we’ve covered on Speaking Human, but there are countless other brand partnerships like them.

Now Carl’s Jr. and Hardees, both owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., are stepping into the footwear collaboration universe. Both brands have partnered with Dominic Ciambrone, otherwise known as The Shoe Surgeon.

According to the brands’ press release, “The custom-made sneakers, which include an exclusive pair each for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s to be raffled off to two lucky fans, feature a chunky sole on a trainer-inspired silhouette, the beloved Happy Star logo, and texture and material combinations unique to each brand. The luxurious sneakers also boast a secret stash pocket in the tongue tag perfect for ketchup packets and ‘shoegredients.'”

One thing is certain, these shoes may not make you go fast, but they might make you crave fast food.

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  • SOURCE: Carl’s Jr. and Hardees
  • BRANDS: Carl’s Jr. and Hardees / The Shoe Surgeon