Social Media Tip: Listen and Learn

Have you been listening?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are constantly moving. And social media has become an overbearing giant who demands so much of our time. We find ourselves working against the clock, continuously posting new thoughts and ideas. It seems like a never ending cycle, and one that I’m guilty of right now.

And so I ask an important question – one that deserves some self reflection.

Are you listening?

When was the last time you sat online and listened to your customers, to your clients, to the general public? I know, we all sit silent occasionally. And sometimes we’ll read a blog or two. Maybe we’ll even peruse a group discussion or a friend’s Facebook page. But when have you really listened?

I find that listening is overlooked or simply forgotten when it comes to our day to day social to-do list. I mean, who has time to sit and listen to others, right? In business and our personal lives (you know – the two things that are overlapping more and more) we are pulled in every direction – moving faster each day – building a type of virtual momentum that would have Superman struggling to keep up. And it’s that momentum that keeps us from listening.

So I put forth this little challenge for you. Be aware. The next time you set out to post something in a social circle, stop and listen. You might just learn something new.