Space Jam: The Website that Defied Internet Time

It’s true that LeBron James and Bugs Bunny are teaming up in a remake of the 1996 live-action/animated production that featured Michael Jordan and made over $230 million worldwide. But for some reason, the interesting story here isn’t the new movie, or even the old movie. The real story is the way in which the studio marketed the original film online via its own website.

If you haven’t already visited it in the last 25 years, go ahead and “hop” over to the original website (yes—it still exists). In a world where movie marketing websites only last a few years (at most), this site is still jamming in all its early-internet glory 25 years later. Kudos to Warner Brothers (and Don Buckley) for seeing the future of online movie marketing, back when the internet was an enormous universe waiting to be explored.

  • SOURCE: Warner Bros.
  • BRANDS: Space Jam (the movie)