SpaceX Continues to Make Headlines with Private Passenger

SpaceX continues to make headlines as they are on the heels of announcing their first private passenger aboard the company’s Big Falcon Rocket. The most interesting part of of this story and the continuing saga of the SpaceX brand is the fact that the newly announced passenger will be the first to fly around the Moon.

According to the announcement’s live YouTube video, this is “an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space.”

As far as marketing BUZZ goes, SpaceX is a master at delivering timely and fantastical updates that ignite public interest—something that brands throughout the universe should strive to achieve.

The announcement will be live-streamed at 9PM ET and we’ll update this BUZZ after we see what new details SpaceX releases to the public.

UPDATE: Yusaku Maezawa is the first civilian passenger to fly around the Moon on SpaceX’s BFR. He’s inviting 6-8 artists to join him in flying around the moon in 2023 and to experience the trip. You can follow his project campaign called #DearMoon online @dearmoonproject and

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  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRANDS: SpaceX
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