Speaking Vegan: The Plant-Based Marketing Boom

Plant-based foods have been around for some time now, but recently the market has seen an explosion in sales. The plant-based meat industry grew sales by 45% from 2019-2020, and a few brands have found partnerships with established groups. Brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have carved a place for themselves in the food industry with creative and bold marketing strategies. Here are a few examples of plant-based marketing that have followed the industry’s boom.

Impossible Foods – “We Love Meat”

There it is. A patty sizzling on the grill, cheese melting atop it. Everyone has seen an ad where a burger sizzles on a grill. It is almost a requirement for meat commercials. So in this ad from Impossible Foods, it focuses exclusively on this idea. It is not until the end of the commercial that the Impossible Foods name is shown and said aloud. It is a clever method of conveying the brand’s message without explicitly stating it. You can’t tell that it’s not meat until you look at the packaging. Those who are on the fence regarding plant-based foods may be swayed when they see that there is no visible difference between a beef patty and a vegan one.

McDonald’s – The McPlant

The largest fast food chain in the world has rolled out a plant-based option in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This is a big win for the plant-based foods industry, and especially Beyond Meat, who has helped develop the product titled “McPlant”. This trial run has been followed by a limited launch in the United States. If these experiments perform well, the McPlant may join the permanent lineup of fast-food options.

Beyond Meat – Snoop Dogg Food Truck

Event promotions are a cornerstone of plant-based marketing, and having Snoop Dogg sponsor your event can’t hurt. A Beyond Meat food truck is touring the nation, bringing sausages to football games and tailgates. The trucks carry the “Snoop Beyond Tailgate Dogg”, a special version of their classic meal that is catered to the rapper’s favorite flavors. Snoop Dogg has been a long-time advocate for the industry, and this event benefits from the backing of such a large star. Plant-based marketing is centered around driving trial. Collaborations with stars and limited releases are among the most effective methods of doing this, and brand efforts like this are what promote industry growth.

Plant-based marketing is full of innovation and creative messaging and it is refreshing to see a young industry growing up so quickly. We hope to see this industry continue to be rewarded for their clever strategies and become a staple on any menu.

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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