Finding the Fun and Opportunity in Tabletop Gaming

In the realm of tabletop gaming, there is an audience out there that has money to spend. Tabletop is so much more than a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Monopoly. It is an entire culture of gaming enthusiasts who use their creativity and enthusiasm to open up new worlds.

The term “tabletop” refers to the ever-popular board games from childhood through adulthood which are played on a flat surface such as a table. These are board games with moving pieces, as well as card games, dice games, and games with some very cool miniatures that are used to engage in battle.

Some of the most popular games lately are Pathfinder, Zombie Dice, Lords of Waterdeep, Pandemic, 221B Baker Street, and of course the king of all RPG’s (role-playing games) Dungeons & Dragons.

Zombie Dice

Roll for your life with Zombie Dice

When it comes to the geek community, playing games takes on a whole new meaning.

Entire stories and elaborate characters are created in order to engage in these games. The passion and imagination that go into this pastime goes well beyond the casual game of Parcheesi. These games spark competition and brainpower.

Popular actors Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have made their mark all the way to the bank on their very popular web series “Tabletop.” Already three seasons in, this show has opened up this type of gaming to more mainstream viewers.

Tabletop Web Series with Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day

Tabletop Web Series with Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day

Gamers need options.

While players engage in monthly meet-ups for league or casual playing, most want choices of locations where they can play. There are actually some coffee houses, comic book, and game stores that have caught on by offering a place where people can get together with friends—and even make new ones.

The word gets around the tabletop community and new business and new revenue might just be waiting for that owner. Below are some clever ideas offered up by actual tabletop gamers that might bring some extra money through the door…

Tabletop Board Game Cafe in Cleveland Ohio

Tabletop Board Game Cafe in Cleveland, Ohio

How to make money at tabletop:

  • Bring in more business to your café, coffee house, or bar by “nerding it up” a little. Many coffee houses around the country have already found success by reaching out to this clientele.
  • Set aside some nice tables and timeframes to offer weekly tournaments for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Encourage casual and league game playing.
  • Why not stock some popular games, cards, and miniatures to sell? Keep some comic books handy to go nicely with that latte or beer.
  • Dig down deep into those pockets of money (and bravery) and open up a brand new café that features what tabletop fans are looking for.
  • Create a fresh and original RPG game and use crowdfunding to help pay for it.
  • Artists can put their talent to work creating custom-made game cards, figures, and mechanicals for those who are creating their own games. So many have ingenious game ideas all ready to be created and yet just need some help in the art department.
  • How about renting out some space to those inventive artists who customize figurines for Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons players?
  • Be one of those local gaming shops that rent out games to people before they buy them.
  • Podcast, blog, or vlog about tabletop gaming. Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have left open plenty of room for more.

Tabletop Gaming – Colt Express

Tabletop gaming photos (above and below) courtesy of Maggie Stillman

Tabletop Gaming – The Lords of Rock

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