Target and Pinterest = Retail and Social Destiny

If you’re a retail establishment and looking to quantify the potential benefits of social media on your brand, look no further. Target has agreed to a multi-year deal that will fan the flames of Pinterest, one of social media’s big names. This investment news comes as no surprise, given that the privately owned Pinterest has been on a path to becoming a publicly traded company.

What’s also not surprising? Social media can significantly impact your business if you invest in the proper channels. Businesses don’t just throw 3 billion dollars at a social media channel with nothing to gain. Well, maybe some do, but we’re not talking about them.

*To clarify – we’re not implying that Target is alone investing 3 billion dollars in Pinterest. We just wanted to throw that out there before someone burns us at the stake.

  • SOURCE: MediaPost
  • AUTHOR: Gavin O’Malley
  • BRAND: Target, Pinterest

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