The Container Store Takes Homeowners to Space

When you think of space, you probably picture an endless ink-black expanse cluttered with clusters of twinkling white stars. But with its new ad series, The Container Store, a brand devoted to helping customers solve storage and organizational challenges, invites you to think about space a little differently.

The ads all open by talking about the mysteries of space—how matter constantly rearranges itself; how studying space raises difficult questions; how navigating inhospitable space requires a streamlined approach—before giving us a glimpse of the comical ways this applies to the modern home. The ads wrap up by showing how The Container Store can provide a solution to these challenges, and then ending on the brand’s new tagline… “Where Space Comes From”.

  • SOURCE: The Container Store YouTube Channel
  • BRANDS: The Container Store
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because organization gives you a buzz

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