The Incredibles Marketing Machine

On a recent episode of the Speaking Human podcast, we predicted that the Incredibles 2 would take one of the top summer box office spots. That’s because the Incredibles is one of Pixar’s most beloved films and even though there have been an astounding 14 years since the first film, humans (children and adults alike) are excited to see the much-anticipated sequel.

Consumer brands recognize this. That’s why brands like Alaska Airlines, American Egg Board, Best Western, Bounty, Chrysler, Clorox, Coppertone, Frigo’s Cheese Heads, Horizon Organic, Juicy Juice, Kleenex, McDonald’s and SleepNumber have all jumped on board to capitalize on the undying love people have for the Incredibles. Movie tie-ins are a great way for brands to associate their products/services with something popular, creating a psychological connection with a potentially broad audience.

The real, and not always obvious question will be whether or not there’s a logical connection between the brand and the movie. Like pickles and ice cream—some things just shouldn’t be paired together.

  • SOURCE: MediaPost / MarketingDaily
  • BRANDS: Incredibles 2 / Various
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you want to see an Incredible family endorse your favorite consumer brand, right?

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