The Post Office, Direct Mail and You

The USPS has been around for a long time. And as they find new ways of being more efficient (per the Postal Accountability Act), they also administer new methods for the public to get better at sending mail.

But I know how to send mail. Right?
One of the most important issues that the post office wants everyone to be aware of is keeping their mailing lists accurate. Most clients either rent lists, or maintain their own list in-house. Regardless of how you do it, the post office asks that you clean it periodically. And within the next two years, they will be requiring everyone to prove their list has been groomed every 90 days.

Not everyone is thrilled by the new regulations. Many clients, list brokers and mail houses are trying to establish new processes to ensure that they are adhering to the new rules before they are mandated.

But if you’re hesitant of making changes, the statistics speak for themselves. It only makes sense that you want your mail piece to go to the right people. One right address can often pay for an entire marketing project. And regularly checking addresses actually make sense when you think about why their governing the new regulations…

  • One of six families move each year
  • The average American moves 11 times in his or her lifetime
  • Approximately 19.3% businesses move each year
  • An estimated 41.1% individuals and families file COA (Change Of Address) each year
  • On average – 2.3 million businesses filed COA each year
  • USPS adds approximately two million new addresses each year
  • 16,000 people file COA each day

Ask your marketing professional, print house, or list broker about the mail list your using. Make sure it’s compliant and stay ahead of Mr. Postman. It could mean getting your marketing piece to more of your customers at a cheaper postal rate.