The Rewatchables: Another Reason to Revisit that Favorite Movie

You’ve been there. Scrolling through Netflix, seeing all the new movies. But instead of picking those, you see Monster Squad and say, “Ah, what the heck!” Well, there is a podcast for you, courtesy of The Ringer. “The Rewatchables” is what you would expect: a podcast about the most rewatchable movies.

Voted one of the best podcasts of 2018 (Time, Vulture), “The Rewatchables” broke through last year by being an escape from the heavy onslaught of political, pop culture, and sports podcasts. Featuring a rotating panel of pundits (including The Ringer founder Bill Simmons), the hosts choose a film from the past 50 years that, if you catch it on TV, you have to sit down and watch a couple minutes of it.

The show breaks the movie down (usually with fondness), discussing the best quotes, the most rewatchable scene, what aged the best or worst in the movie, plot holes, and it features a “half assed internet research corner” segment—which gives surprising facts about how the movie was shot, cast, and behind-the-scenes drama. It’s the ultimate escape podcast, just like that film you can’t get enough of.

In an age that is inundated by new content creators and new voices in entertainment, “The Rewatchables” reminds us to look at gems of yesteryear—a model that brought it great popularity in 2018. Could nostalgia be the new podcast trend of 2019?

  • SOURCE: the ringer
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  • WHY YOU SHOULD listen:  because there’s great joy in hearing banter about the movies you’ve watched over & over again

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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