Tonight, Uber Eats Gets Comedy Right

If you’ve often found yourself debating what to order for dinner, or if you’ve gotten wrapped up in an argument and said something that doesn’t quite make sense, you’re not alone. Uber Eats gets it, so the company delivered an ad spot featuring two iconic celebrities who are looking to do battle over the age-old argument of “what’s for dinner?”

In the commercial, Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart meet in a warehouse armed with wooden bats. The environment leads the viewer to believe that something serious is about to unfold. Instead, what seems menacing on the surface quickly proves the opposite. As the two actors heighten their intensity, Mark Hamill makes a statement about being his own daddy, causing Patrick Stewart to pause and question it. The casting is perfect. These actors are clearly what make this small bit of comedy work. But we also love the simple fact that this is often how arguments unfold, leading people to sometimes say things that don’t really make sense. Kudos to the team that put this spot together and recognized how to showcase the comedy in disagreements.

  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRAND: Uber Eats
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: You sometimes get too wrapped up in an argument too!