No Tomorrow: 12 Tweets on Why ‘Tomorrowland’ Failed to Find a Larger Audience

The Disney movie Tomorrowland was recently released with high financial expectations. The movie—expected by many to be one of the summer’s big box-office winners—instead opened over Memorial Day weekend to a disappointing $32.2 million ($40.7 million over the four-day stretch).

You may be saying to yourself, “$40 million in four days doesn’t seem like too bad a take”. And it isn’t until you take a few things into account…

  • The movie cost $180 million to make plus a reported $60 million to market
  • Furious 7 had a similar budget and opened to $147 million in April
  • The most recent family movie released prior to this, Home, opened to $52 million in late March
  • Reviews for Tomorrowland have been pretty lukewarm, meaning it probably won’t have legs
  • The international box office for this movie has also been unimpressive so far

All that adds up to some potential bad news for Disney. So what went wrong? Many people are pointing to the film’s marketing, which didn’t do enough to explain the story and get people excited about seeing the movie.

A Dozen Tweet Takes on Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ Marketing

Here are a handful of recent tweets about the marketing for Tomorrowland that provide some insight on why the movie just didn’t pull people in…