Twitter Reactions to the ‘Game of Thrones’ S7 Finale

The HBO series Game of Thrones began its seventh season more popular than ever. The July 16 season premiere was watched by 16.1 million people across cable and streaming as it aired (not including delayed viewings). That’s double the number of people who tuned in for the season six premiere. Variety notes it was “the most-watched season premiere for any HBO series to date”.

The finale of season seven managed to up those numbers. The New York Times reports the finale had 16.5 million viewers as it aired (with delayed viewings season seven has averaged 30+ million viewers per episode). Perhaps more notably, the chatter around recent seasons of GoT has been deafening. EW reports the season premiere inspired 2.4 million tweets.

Along with being one of the few TV shows left people have a strong desire to watch when it airs, Game of Thrones also has the distinction of being one of the few shows that has grown more popular with each passing season. The general trend is that a show will grow in viewership, peak, and then decline (see The Walking Dead). With only one season left, GoT seems unlikely to follow that pattern.

But fan reaction to this season of the show hasn’t been all rainbows and puppies. While many people noted at the beginning of the season how much better the show had become once it moved beyond George R.R. Martin’s books (Martin has yet to finish the series), that narrative began to shift around episodes 5 and 6. Episode 6 in particular seemed to stir a lot of negative sentiment amongst fans.

Of course that was all before the season seven finale had a chance to put a bow (or should we say an icy dragon flame?) on everything. So now that the finale has aired, what did people think about the episode and season seven as a whole? We took to Twitter to find the answer.

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