Virginia Celebrates Iconic Slogan with Summer of Love

In 1969 Virginia branded itself with the slogan: “Virginia is For Lovers.” 2019 marks the slogan’s 50th Anniversary. Virginia intends to celebrate.

Since its creation, “Virginia is for Lovers” has become one of the most beloved travel slogans. It was inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame in September 2009 and Forbes recognized it as one of the top ten tourism campaigns of all time.

“For 50 years we have lived, breathed and loved our brand,” stated President and CEO of Virginia Tourism, Rita McClenny at U.S Travel’s IPW 2019. “Today, visitors from all around the globe are discovering love for Virginia’s mountains, beaches, history, vibrant cities, music, and booming culinary scene.”

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary, state breweries and wineries are making craft beers and lover’s blends. Restaurants have 1969-inspired meals and prices, and there are “50 Years of Love” events throughout the summer. It all kicked off in Richmond with the debut of 3D LOVE artwork by artist Melanie Stimmell Van Latum. The work will be traveling to “50 Years of Love” events at Virginia Welcome Centers all summer long.

Virginia is also advertising how it has taken the stage in entertainment such as Oscar-winning films, upcoming projects (The Walking Dead), and the Reality TV hit Salvage Dawgs—which follows Virginia-based Black Dog Salvage, an architectural rescue operation. CEO of Black Dog Salvage Mike Whiteside wants all to come and experience what Virginia has to offer. “We are happy to call Virginia our home and spread the LOVE to all that visit.”

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