Website Updates: Consistency is Key

Consistently updating your website is a challenge, right?

When it comes to updating your online real estate, remember that consistency is key to promoting traffic continuity. If you want them to come back and visit often, then you have to keep your content fresh. It might be in the form of a blog, a news and events page, or a product promotion. Anything to let your customers know that there’s always something new and exciting going on.

And by consistent…
we mean stick with it.

We’re all guilty of it. It’s easy to get caught up in the hum drum of our day to day work routine. That’s why updating our online brands should be part of the normal routine. Make it a priority, and make it an action item that needs to get done the same time every day, week or month. Don’t take no for an answer. Dedicate someone to the task and hold them accountable. Like anything else in business, if it doesn’t come with a deadline or accountability… it’ll never get done.