When is the Right Time to Send Emails

Email Marketing – Traditionally, emailing your customers on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings has worked wonderfully. It’s always a good idea to stay away from emailing on the hour (try 10:13 am EST). The rationale is that you send them after their normal inbox purge. You know, the one where you quickly sift through the bombardment of sales pitches.

Also, try to account for your customers on either coast, or halfway around the world. If you can segment your list, great! If not, then try to send it so that everyone gets your emails at an optimum time.

You can also try emailing on the weekends. Why the weekends? Because you’re not fighting everyone else (a.k.a. your competitors) for your customers’ attention. Believe it or not, people do check emails on the weekends (even business owners who have smartphones – for all you B2B email marketers out there). Above all else – make sure you’re tracking your results.

Finally, don’t forget to remember the holidays. Don’t send on Thursdays or Fridays before a holiday, and definitely don’t send on Mondays or Tuesdays after a holiday. This way you don’t get trapped in the void of collected holiday emails that get swept away into the trash [folder]

There is a science to the whole email marketing thing, but keep in mind that it is constantly changing based on the habits of our customers… so feel free to adapt these schedules to your needs and to your target audience.

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