Who Doesn’t Love a Good Monster In Their Advertising?

MONSTERS have long been used to weave a story that pulls at the heart strings. Apple pays homage to the classic novel by revealing a lonely and isolated Frankenstein that comes to a town square to share his love of the holidays. The ad has a solemn tone when the creature attempts to sing for a crowd of people that seem somewhat frightened by his presence. A young girl helps Frankenstein by continuing the song he’s singing. The crowd almost instantly warms up to him and begin caroling in unison.

Even though this ad spot is selling us on their newest iPhone features, Apple has managed to squeeze in a holiday message about the power of our humanity. Maybe it’s possible for us to open our hearts to everyone.

Watch the ad from Apple below and let us know what you think. Is it good marketing? Did you feel sorry for the MONSTER? Let us know in the comments below…