3 NFL Teams Doing TikTok Better than You and What You Can Learn

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The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t just back-to-back Super Bowl champions, they are currently the NFL team with the most TikTok followers. But do they rank top 3 among our list of NFL teams doing TikTok right?

We just crowned a champion for the National Football League. Now it’s time to take a look at the NFL teams that won TikTok this past year. We ranked these NFL teams by their ability to connect with their audience, follow trends, and remain true to their brand. These three criteria are essential for your brand to thrive on TikTok. We believe that there is always something to learn, so take some notes on how these NFL teams are winning social media.

1. Buffalo Bills: 2.1 million followers / 53.5 million likes

The Buffalo Bills social team could practically be a creator house. They are always on top of even the most obscure trends. Whether it is a CapCut template, a sound that only people under 20 will understand, or the latest Gen Z inside joke—they have a video on it. The Bills have also leaned heavily into using humor in their TikTok presence. A lot of their videos involve the social team interviewing or pranking Bill’s star Quarterback, Josh Allen. Allen on his own is a funny person, so when the social team involves him in a trend or prank, the results are always great.

What we can learn: Staying on top of trends IS important. If you believe it’s impossible to follow goofy trends, while remaining true to your brand, then you have TikTok all wrong. The whole point of this social platform is to connect with your audience in ways that you never could on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Take it from the Buffalo Bills, even professionals can thrive using humor on TikTok.

@buffalobills AFC East Champs. #nfl #billsmafia #joshallen #sportstiktok #win ♬ original sound – Buffalo Bills

2. Detroit Lions: 2.2 million Followers / 45 million likes

The Detroit Lions have mastered the art of connecting with their audience through comments. They have dubbed themselves the “CEO of verified replies” in their TikTok bio. They are known by almost every community on TikTok for commenting on the most random of posts. In the past, users have posted a series of videos titled “Posting every day until the Lions comment on my TikTok.” The series usually doesn’t last long as the Lions are always surprisingly quick to comment. Their account has become loved by many for their down-to-earth approach to connecting with their fans.

What we can learn: One of the most effective ways you can connect with your audience is not just by answering comments on your own posts, but by going through your brands For You Page and commenting on other’s posts. If your brand is well known, you can gain a lot of favor within the community. If your brand isn’t well known yet, this is a great way to gain some organic exposure and increase your account’s numbers. Go drop some comments!

@detroitlions Guess we’re running this Shady play in the 3rd. #DetroitLions #NFLPlayoffs #LARvsDET ♬ EMINEM REPORTING ELIGIBLE – Detroit Lions


3. Kansas City Chiefs: 4.5 million followers / 109.6 million likes

Finally, we have the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s almost unfair that they can dominate the league and TikTok. They have found a lot of success by posting EVERYTHING. The Chiefs are posting several times a day with a variety of content. They specialize in Behind the Scenes, player interviews, and media day-style posts. People love the high energy that their TikTok presence radiates.

What we can learn: Your audience wants to see PEOPLE. They don’t care about your products or services… yet. They are interested in the stories that move them in some way. Have your employees partake in fun interviews, participate in the trends that get people in front of the camera, and show what it’s like behind the scenes of your brand. Finally, just keep posting… and post A LOT. Not every one of the Chiefs videos are a hit. However, that doesn’t matter to them. By consistently posting, you are building a personality portfolio that people will be able to see when they search you on TikTok. And trust us, your audience will be searching for you on TikTok.

@chiefs It’s Pop’s “WHAT THE HELL” for us 😂😂😂 #qotd #babysitter #chiefs ♬ original sound – Chiefs

While your brand may be very different from an NFL team, we believe the same principles of TikTok apply to everybody. Remember to…

  1. Join in on silly trends
  2. Connect with the community
  3. Showcase your personalityAnd most importantly… have fun!

AUTHOR: Kye Bresson
ORIGIN: University Program — Speaking Human Contributor





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