Amazon Suspends Minimum Purchase Requirement for Free Delivery

Competition is healthy for the economy and being competitive in the business world can provide big opportunities for companies who want to impact their bottom line and potentially hurt their competitors in the process. Plus, competition almost always benefits the customer.

Take for instance, online retail and the cost of shipping. Target and Walmart have been promoting free shipping for customers over the past few years, especially during the holidays. Free shipping is nice, for sure, but their real intent was to compete with their biggest rival Amazon, so they extended their offers of free shipping to all customers, with no minimum order requirements.

Until this week, Amazon had never felt it necessary to retaliate with an offer of their own. But the time has come and now the Free Shipping Wars are upon us. Amazon declared that it would offer free shipping with no purchase minimums for non-Prime members. Effective November 5th, 2018, Amazon has waived the normal $25 minimum that customers without Prime would need to reach in order to get free shipping.

That’s a big deal in what we’re calling the “Free Shipping Wars” and a great deal for holiday shoppers in the United States.


What do you think of Amazon’s No Minimum Free Shipping? 

  • BRANDS: Amazon
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because competition among the titans is good for your wallet.

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