Apple’s All For One and One For All Service Bundle

Along with new product announcements, Apple introduced a new service to its suite of offerings. Apple Fitness+ is aimed at providing a way for people to workout with professional trainers where and when they want. All a person needs is an Apple device.

For quite some time, Apple has been expanding their line of subscription services. Each one has been devoted to enhancing the Apple experience. But as the library of services have expanded, the cost to subscribe to them all is beginning to pile up. That’s where Apple’s new bundled service offering comes in. Apple One groups everything together for a reduced monthly price, making it a cost effective option for people who subscribe to more than one service. It also provides a way for users to get the most out of their Apple products and to fully immerse themselves within the Apple ecosystem.

  • SOURCE: Apple
  • BRAND: Apple
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: You love bundling services!

AUTHOR: Brandon Cugini
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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