Ben & Jerry’s Partners with Nike

Food inspired shoe designs aren’t a new thing, by any stretch of the imagination. Does that make it any less strange when it happens? We’d say no, but we haven’t been known to wear ice cream inspired sneakers. But according to Nike SB, the footwear company’s skateboarding brand, the Ben & Jerry’s brand aesthetic aligns nicely with its footwear.

According to Steve Pelletier, senior product line manager on footwear for Nike SB, “When you look at how much fun Ben & Jerry’s has with all their marketing materials, their packaging, their messaging… a lot of that’s done trying to better the world. I think Nike SB is pretty similar.”

  • SOURCE: Nike SB
  • BRAND: Nike SB / Ben & Jerry’s
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you love ice cream and shoes.

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