Betty White Tackles Sunday Night Football

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Football League. Do you know who else is close to celebrating 100 years? Betty White. That makes the veteran actress and comedian the perfect spokesperson for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

The network features the 97-year-old in their commercial promoting one of the biggest games—kicking off Sunday Night Football with the Green Bay Packers challenging the Chicago Bears. Since White has been around for most of the NFL’s history—not to mention she’s an Illinois native—she clearly knows all about the Packers and Bears rivalry.

But this isn’t her first football ad spot. During the 2010 Super Bowl, White was tackled into a mud pit during an intense backyard football game in her famous Snickers ad. She has also displayed her knowledge (and love) of the game in other onscreen efforts, including this Monday Night Football spot and this episode of Hot in Cleveland.

It’s hard to argue with NBC’s decision to use the Hollywood icon. Betty White oozes confidence, passion and badassery—if anyone could promote this year’s big game, it’s her.

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AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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