Chic-fil-A Demonstrates Human Kindness

Sometimes a simple act of kindness gets noticed. After the recent power outage at Atlanta’s International Airport, the popular fast food chain Chic-fil-A offered to feed stranded passengers on a day that the franchise is typically closed. This demonstration of human kindness and flexibility in a time of crisis is one of the most important branding lessons any business can learn.

Doing good in the world should be part of your business philosophy, but wanting recognition for it shouldn’t be the driving force behind it. An act like this can build more positive public perception for a business and provide priceless media exposure, even if it wasn’t the original intention.

The real question is – did this change your perception of the Chic-fil-A brand?

  • SOURCE: Mashable
  • BRAND: Chic-fil-A
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Humans are finally eating mor chikin

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