Coca-Cola is Literally the Real Thing

Brands and their individual responses to COVID-19 have been something of an interesting case study. We’ve covered quite a few on Speaking Human and it’s pretty easy to see how companies have shifted their focus considerably since the coronavirus hit the planet with its proverbial (viral) hammer.

Coca-Cola is one company that’s identified actions it’s taking to support employees, customers and communities around the world. It’s doing everything from supporting local communities through grants and donations to becoming an on-the-ground resource for frontline responders. Using the brand’s presence to help instill solidarity is a real human thing to do, so we give Coca-Cola points for living up to one of its most famous slogans.

  • SOURCE: Coca-Cola
  • BRAND: Coca-Cola
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you love it when companies live up to their promises.

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