Crocs Get Comfortable with Creative Advertising

Crocs are a shoe that inspire both love and hate. No matter which side you fall on, one thing you can’t deny is the brand’s popularity. Crocs has sold more than 300 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries. These things are everywhere!

I personally don’t really enjoy the fashion that is Crocs, but my best friend does. She’s the kind of person who keeps emergency Crocs in her car. Her reasoning, “You never know when you could be going to the beach.” She is always excited when Crocs comes out with a brand extension or an advertisement.

In years past, I can’t say that I remember ANY Crocs advertisements. But just in the past two weeks alone, Crocs has been stepping up their game with two creative ads, that I believe really worked for the brand:

The Snapchat Filter

There comes a time during the night when EVERYTHING makes you laugh. However, for my Croc-loving roommate, that time is all the time. There aren’t many things that won’t make her roll on the floor laughing, but I think that the Crocs filter was by far the longest she’s ever laughed.

Crocs Snapchat Filter

The filter was simple. It was just a colored Croc shoe that fit around your face. However, FOUR MILLION people used and shared images with the Crocs Snapchat filter in the span of just one week. Turns out that even though people may not want to wear Crocs on their feet, they do want to wear them on their heads.

Crocs, The Musical

Just one week after the smashing success of the filter, Crocs released this TV spot starring Drew Barrymore. The one-minute, forty-second advertisement embraces the oddity that is a Crocs shoe. This ad displays the Crocs marketing campaign tagline “Come As You Are” and, as the title suggest, features a musical number.

Crocs the Musical starring Drew Barrymore

All of the actors and dancers are of all different shapes and sizes. They are also all wearing a different type of Crocs shoe. I think that this message of “you may not be perfect, but you can still be comfortable” really resonates with a lot of consumers—even if you aren’t a big fan of the shoe brand itself.

Overall, the past couple weeks Crocs has been walking all over the competition with their creative uses of advertising. It has even gotten me, someone who hated Crocs with a passion, to take a stroll through their offerings a few times.

  • SOURCE: Crocs Marketing
  • BRANDS: Crocs
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because Crocs are comfortable as h#@!

AUTHOR: Sara Woika
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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