The Curse Of The Kleenex Commercial

Turn out the lights, hold your loved ones tight, and pray that The Curse Of The Kleenex Ad does not find you!

In 1986, Kleenex released a commercial in Japan that was supposed to be sweet and endearing. Instead, it upset people so much that TV stations began receiving complaints from viewers. Why were people freaked out? Good question. Maybe it was the super haunting music playing — or maybe it was because the baby was dressed like a small strange orange ogre. Whatever it was, an urban legend grew from it and The Curse of the Kleenex ad was born. Rumors of death and sudden insanity of the the cast and crew began to circulate, including one that said the lead actress later gave birth to a demon child.

So grab a box of tissues and wipe away your tears. Watch the commercial now. We dare you!

  • SOURCE: Atlas Obscura
  • AUTHOR: Molly McBride Jacobson
  • BRANDS: Kleenex
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Haunting Music, Curses, Weird Baby, Tissues (to wipe your tears away).

AUTHOR: Robert Kline
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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