Denver International Airport Flies with Fantastic False History

For years people have speculated about the strange history of the Denver International Airport. They say that the Freemasons controls the airport. That the airport’s iconic blue mustang sculpture is cursed. That there are secret bunkers under the facility housing evidence of aliens and/or lizard people.

After spending a lot of time and energy debunking these (probably) nutso theories, the powers that be at the Denver Airport have now decided to embrace them as a marketing tool. They’ve started using signage throughout the airport alluding to and promoting the mythology. They’ve also created a dedicated web page addressing the rumors and launched a hashtag that plays off a TV show beloved by sci-fi fans and conspiracy theorists: #DENFILES.

Kudos to the Denver Airport leadership team for seeing these fantastic stories as unique aspects of the brand and having the presence of mind to leverage them for valuable marketing mileage… But then again, maybe it wasn’t really their choice. Maybe the lizard people made them do it.

  • BRANDS: Denver International Airport
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you know the truth is out there!

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