Diet Dr Pepper Advises Achievers to ‘Crack That Pepper’

As human beings, we tend to be hard on ourselves. We often give ourselves a tough time for not knocking off every item on our to-do list. With its new music video, Diet Dr Pepper hopes to inspire people to take a different approach.

Along with a sick beat, “Crack That Pepper” features lyrics about rewarding yourself for accomplishing even the simplest tasks. According to the video, some good reasons to celebrate by cracking a Diet Dr Pepper include:

  • carried all the groceries, in just one go
  • baked a new loaf, of sour dough
  • read the whole article, not just the headline
  • turned that rebate in, before the deadline

The song and video were produced for Diet Dr Pepper by Onion Labs, the in-house content agency at The Onion—the satirical news organization. Onion Labs believes in creating comedic branded content as the best way to advertise to audiences. Turns out they also know how to create a pretty catchy chorus.

  • SOURCE: Onion Labs
  • BRANDS: Diet Dr Pepper
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you like when songs stick in your brain for days

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