Doug the Pug: The Dog, the Myth, The Internet Legend

Doug the Pug is the most well-known dog on the planet. The little guy has over 12 million followers across his social media platforms. In 2017, he won “Instagrammer of the Year”. He has his own line of merch at Claire’s. This do(u)g is a pretty impressive pooch. But the real mastermind behind it all is his owner Leslie Mosier.

Mosier began Doug’s instagram account after her own followers only wanted to see him and not her. The pug quickly became an internet sensation through Doug’s cuteness and Mosier’s witty, timely captions. She even quit her job in order to keep up with Doug’s schedule and manage him full time. Now, Doug is busier than ever as a celebrity canine.

2019 will be a huge year for the pup. According to USA Today, Doug will establish the “Doug the Pug” foundation dedicated to helping kids with cancer. The dog already goes on hospital visits to bring happiness to those who need it, creating this foundation will give Doug and his parents a chance to give back to the community even more. He will also drop a line of dog toys with Outward Bound, unleash an animated series with his cat sister Fionna, and release a Doug the Pug children’s book with Scholastic (and you thought you were busy).

Mosier nicknamed Doug the “King of Pop Culture” in her 2016 book about his success. This dog is a pop-culture guru, but he’s really on a mission to bring joy to anyone who needs it. “There’s so much bad news,” Mosier says. “Whatever you can do to be a light in someone’s day, it really does make a difference.” Doug the Pug is spreading love one post at a time. He is an inspiration to dogs and people all over the world. Mosier explains,”It just shows you that in today’s day and age, literally anything is possible if you want to create it.”

Keep following your dreams and following Doug the Pug as he continues to make a difference and bring happiness into the world.

  • BRANDS: Doug the Pug
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Those eyes, those ears, that tongue. How could you not?

AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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