Infographic: How to Get More Email Opens, Clicks and Forwards

These days, humans are bombarded with marketing emails. Retailers hit us up daily with hot deals. Brands shoot us their weekly and monthly e-newsletters. We get emails from companies we know and love; and emails from companies we’ve never heard of. At times it seems like our inboxes may actually explode.

Most of these emails get deleted mindlessly with a quick tap on a smartphone. And there are more emails we never even see because they get caught in the spam filter—either because the email provider flags them as spam or we previously labeled them “junk” the last time they bombarded us.

So the big question for brands is…

In our current era of email marketing overload, what can you do to get your emails not only opened but read, clicked and shared as well?

Our friends over at Ghergich & Co teamed up Salesforce Canada to create a guide to improving email marketing results so businesses can get those coveted opens, click throughs and shares. They even provided us with this handy infographic summarizing their top tips to drive better email results.

Check it out:

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13 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open Rates, Click-Throughs, and Shares