Forcing Google To Do Your Bidding

Google has a new series of ads that attempt to connect with people who could use a little extra help. The “Make Google do it” campaign tries to get at the heart of our fundamental need for virtual assistants and focus on those little moments of frustration and necessity that many of us have experienced at some point.

Are you making a to-do list in your mind, knowing you’ll forget it later? Do you need to text someone but can’t do it because you’re surrounded by bees? Are you bad with directions? Have you forgotten your home’s security code? – These are just a few of the ways that Google Assistant comes in handy. Watch the ad below and then check out the ad series in our AdWatch section to find out how Google makes a million things easier…

  • SOURCE: Google
  • BRAND: Google
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you like dominating virtual assistants and making them do stuff for you.

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