Getting Back to What You Love Sounds Nice, Doesn’t It?

We’ve covered a variety of PSAs since COVID-19 was dumped in the lap of the entire the world. And since the early days of the pandemic, many brands have gotten involved in advertising the importance of social safety measures. We’ve recently seen the shift in messaging from “protect others by wearing a mask and social distancing” to “get vaccinated to protect yourself and others.”

The simple fact is, whether you believe in the global rollout of vaccines or not, the integral part that companies like Google have played in service announcements is something that will be in the public consciousness for a long time. That includes Google’s most recent ad spot, which provides a message of hope through the lens of the brand’s search engine. The concept is simple—at some point in the future the key search terms that people type into Google will once again be void of pandemic phrases… and that’s when you’ll be able to “get back to what you love.”

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  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRANDS: Google